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Born in Darlington in 1977, James studied fine art at Nottingham trent University.

His diverse but instantly recognizable style can be found in collections internationally. James’ work often draws on his love of early Pop Art but can effortlessly move into portraiture retaining his emphasis on fluid marks.

In 2009 he was featured alongside Gallerina in the BBC 1 show imagine, which followed him through the process of commissioning a portrait. The sheer volume of commissions following this had to be staggered across a full year.

As a published artist reproductions of James’ work can also be found across the UK and USA.

Due to his style James’ work is a perfect fit for editorials and magazine covers. He has often been featured in the Sunday Express magazine, created covers for Hawker Beechcrafts ‘Journey’ magazine, Never Hide ad campaign for Ray Ban & more recently the official poster for Edgar Wright's film Last Night in Soho.

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