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Artist Statement


Working in oils and acrylics my paintings are always inspired by everyday objects, adverts and popular icons. I'm influenced not only by a love of nostalgic pulp imagery but also by a passion for Art history. Influences can be found in Pop Artists such as Larry Rivers, Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton but more surprisingly others such as Whistler, Sargent and De Kooning in their flair for confident mark making.

It is this combination of fine art knowledge and tradition with low brow imagery that animates my work.

As an artist I try to find that indescribable point between figurative and abstract. This allows you to accept the figurative interpretation but constantly be reminded of the abstract surface. Great attention is given to create a balance and rhythm between detail and loose shapes. Paintings are left purposely oblique...

‘I have always tried to make my paintings a collaboration, a calculation in which an answer can only be found with you as part of the equation'.

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